Pirates & Whips
20 Jun 19:30 event_repeat
Until 22 Jun

Pirates & Whips

Pirates & Whips: The Cage of Men is a high seas adventure filled with comedy
and mischief, telling the untold story of the Insanity Pirate Crew led by the
charismatic but unpredictable Captain Kendell. When Egor Hudson unexpectedly
inherits a ship, his life takes a drastic turn from being a frustrated maths teacher to
becoming the first mate of The Crimson Tempest ship.

Joined by colorful characters such as the witty Charlie, the lovely Pec, and the
fierce Bonehead, Egor finds himself thrust into a world of high seas and high jinks.
As they navigate through treacherous waters, they must also contend with the
challenges of survival and the whims of the unpredictable Captain Kendell and her

With a mix of humor and daring escapades, Pirates & Whips: The Cage of Men
promises a wild and entertaining ride from beginning to end. Get ready for a
comedy that’s not afraid to get a little naughty as it explores the quirks and antics
of life on the high seas and on Dungeon Kingdom.

Definitely a show for adults only!

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