From The Roof of the World
09 Oct 19:30
Until 09 Oct

From The Roof of the World

Tibet – the Land of Snows: home to Buddhist lamas whose ancient rituals have fascinated people for centuries. Eight Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery present ‘From the Roof of the World’: chant, mantras, music and dance opening a magical window on to a world of reincarnation and mysticism which has inspired audiences in theatres and festivals since they were first seen in Europe a hundred years ago in 1924. From the mesmerising chant of Buddhist texts to swirling costumed masked dances accompanied by ancient Tantric musical instruments: horns made from human leg bones, skull-drums, cymbals, bells and the great dungchen (long horns), the monks evoke the atmosphere of sacred Tibet: an experience of an ancient, endangered culture.

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