Doing The Dead
25 Oct 19:30

Doing The Dead

They’ve DONE SHAKESPEARE, they’ve DONE WHODUNNIT and now the multi-awarding winning Northern Comedy Theatre are back with David Spicer’s brand-new supernatural comedy, DOING THE DEAD which offers an amusing glimpse into the world of celebrity clairvoyance.

Come and join Mystic Teresa Adams, the country’s (alphabetically) premier physic medium who has a remarkable gift for disturbing the dearly departed with pointless messages and stupid questions. Her brand-new live stage show comes to Liverpool for one night only and promises to raise the dead!

For years, Mystic Teresa has been touring the land, spreading her psychic messages, and selling smelly candles and dodgy crystals (also ghostly tea towels and phantasmal fridge magnets). Now is your chance to see for yourself and be astonished as she channels messages from the other side, looks into the future and brings words of comfort to the weak-minded and gullible.

Join celebrated Mystic Teresa Adams and fellow psychic guests (including Corrie Legend STEVEN ARNOLD who played Ashley Peacock for 15-years) for a spine-tingling and side-splitting evening of talking to dead people… who no one wanted to talk to when they were alive. People who come LATE will definitely be admitted!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This show is for ‘Entertainment Purposes’ only and all claims of supernatural/psychic/paranormal phenomena are almost certainly total hogwash, claptrap, bunkum and balderdash!

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